Developing a startup is not so easy. The idea is just the beginning of a tough and challenging road. The outcome is always uncertain but I could help you find the safe way.

/why working with me

I have worked in the different sides of the ecosystem, as an entrepreneur, business owner, advisor, mentor and also as a partner of a fund. For the last few years I’ve been really involved with this sector, mainly in the early stages, so I do know the struggle entrepreneurs have rockstaring their startups.

/aspects I can help you with

• Defining and communicating your idea

• Building your team

• Seeking commercial partners

• Sharing my network

• Developing strategies

• Focusing on your main goals

• Helping lead your working team

• Searching new investors

/related businesses

Since 2015, as angel investor, advisor or mentor in different sectors of the economy.

: Tech
Company Builder

: Agri-tech
Tool for monitoring irrigation

: IoT
IoT in the Oil and Gas Sector

Sector: e-Learning
Online support classes for exams

Agrix (Cattler)

Sector: Agri-ech
Cattle Producers Platform

Sector: Fin-tech
B2B Virtual wallet

Sector: Outdoor
Solar devices for outdoor activities

Sector: Health-tech
Software based on DGR (Diagnostic Related Groups) for better business management

Sector: Food-tech
Transformation of organic waste into protein from the digestion of the Black Soldiers Flies Larvae

Sector: Health-tech
Software to avoid the Burnout syndrome mainly in tech workers

Are you ready to take off?

/ recommended books

  • To sell is human de Daniel Pink
  • The success principles de Jack Canfield
  • Eat that frog de Brian Tracey
  • The subtle art of not giving a F*ck
  • La semana laboral del 4 horas de Timothy Ferris
  • Give and Take de Adam Grant
  • Ikigai de Hector García y Francesc Millares
  • The startup of you de Reid Hoffman
  • De Cero a Uno de Peter Thiel
  • Empresas exponenciales de Peter Diamondis
  • Reinicia de Fred y Hansson
  • Lean StartUp de Eric Ries
  • La sociedad del coste marginal cero de Jeremy Riftkin

/ my publications

I constantly write articles related to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, which involves entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen. The objective is that you can know my way of thinking and give some advice based on my experience in the tech sector.

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Contacto: gflorensa@gmail.com